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  China Geological Equipment Group Co., Ltd(CGE)established in 1987, As Branch of China National Machinery Industry Corporation ( National Machine Group , the world's top 500 enterprises ). CGE are always stay on the forefront of technological development as the largest geological special equipment manufacturing enterprises of the industry in recent years , and plays a leading role and take the lead in economic output rising continuously improve economic efficiency , while fully the role of the large state-owned enterprises should bear the social responsibility and the main force of the industry.

  Our products cover the major processes of geological exploration with the ground geophysical exploration , coring drilling, borehole detecting and chemical analysis of minerals . Our major job is to research, develop, manufacture and sell the various products including geophysical instruments ( gravity , magnetic , electrical , seismic , radiological and wells instruments ) , drilling machinery ( core drilling rig, truck-mounted drilling rig, water well drilling rig , engineering drilling rig , mud pump, drilling tower and other accessories ) , drilling tools ( drill rod , drill bit, bottom hole drill tools , rock drilling tools , synthetic diamond and its products, hard alloy and its products, etc. ) , analysis instruments ( atomic absorption, atomic fluorescence , plasma spectroscopy , electrochemical analyzers, mercury analyzer R & D , etc.), for the application fields of geology, metallurgy , nonferrous metals, coal, oil , nuclear industry , defense , construction, water conservancy and hydropower , transportation, environmental protection and other industries , as a leader with total production capacity and market share in the domestic geological equipment manufacturing industry.

  In recent years, CGE has been actively exploring new business areas, the implementation of the strategy in overseas markets, giving full play to own advantages in the industry, extending the industrial chain, expanding project contracting and trade business, building the foreign trade platform. CGE has successfully undertaken 50 national technology innovation projects and focus on new product development, and many products have been used in national key construction projects, and have achieved good social and economical benefits.

  The Technology Center of CGE is the only state-level technical center for the geological equipment industry in China now. There are five affiliated companies won the provincial science and technology innovation enterprise. CGE maintains long-term closed relations of cooperation with the Ministry of Land and Resources, National Bureau of Geological Survey, universities and research institutes , particularly in the areas of product development and technological innovation direction, has got strong support and specific guidance from the relative Ministries and Bureaus.

  CGE works as the lead unit in applying "deep geological mineral exploration industry technology innovation strategic alliance" was put on the list of the third batch of pilot units by the Ministry of Science. The Alliance contains 17 units, including four universities and colleges, research institutes, eight science research institutes or centers , three provincial bureaus and 2 enterprises. These 17 units are with an important role in deep geological mineral exploration industry. CGE bears the main responsibility for the external as the director-general of the Alliance, and the establishment of a permanent secretariat and other institutions for organizations working.

  Many CGE’s products achieved the innovation in China, such as, the first set fully-electric driven core drill rig, the first set spindle type drill rig, the first set variable output mud pump, the first set Mechanic top drive engineering foundation drill rig, and the first set fully-automatic double-chaonnel hydride-generation atomic fluorescence spectrometer (the first in the world), the first set atomic absorption spectrophotometer with DC Zeeman technology, the only high-precision quartz spring gravimeter in Asia, and the magnetometer and wire line drilling tools as domestic leading level . Over 20 product get the state silver award and 50 products get the provincial award of quality products and technical payoffs.

  CGE headquarters now installed 10 departments,2 divisions, the only state-level technical center in industry, an industry association. There are 9 subsidiaries, two joint-stock companies.

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